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Giving back

We support Rainbow Railroad

We want to support the global LGBTQI community through the Proud Christmas collection and have dedicated parts of the proceeds to the organisation Rainbow Railroad.

Since 2006 Rainbow Railroad has helped hundreds of LGBTQI people to escape persecution and violence in their home countries by getting them to a place where they can live their lives free from the fear of torture, imprisonment and death solely due to their sexual orientation, gender expression or gender identity.

Mission and work
In the spirit of the Underground Railroad, Rainbow Railroad’s mission is to help persecuted LGBTQI individuals get to safety as they seek a safe haven from state-enabled harassment and violence. Rainbow Railroad was founded in 2006 to provide an additional solution to address the global refugee crisis, to which LGBTQI persons are uniquely vulnerable.

Rainbow Railroad provides support to LGBTQI individuals seeking safety with airfare and financial support that facilitates departure, travel, arrival and referral for settlement. Beyond direct financial assistance, Rainbow Railroad provides information, resources and advice for asylum claimants.

Since 2006, Rainbow Railroad supporters have helped more than 600 individuals escape to safety and freedom— averaging 200 people helped in each of the last two years.

However, in 2018, more than 1,300 people reached out for help from 90 countries. Already in 2019, the organization has received more than 650 requests for help. With recent crackdowns on LGBTQI people in Brunei, Chechnya, Egypt and Tanzania, and ongoing serious concerns for the safety of LGBTQI people in Iran, Jamaica, Syria, Uganda and other countries, Rainbow Railroad is expecting to receive more than double the number of requests for help in 2019.

In a short period of time, thanks to community support, Rainbow Railroad has been able to scale up operations to meet the growing need for help with a budget of $320,000 in 2015 where 29 people were helped to $2.7 M in 2019. The goal in 2019 is to help 210 people.

Rainbow Railroad is a registered Canadian charity and US 501(c)(3) organization.


Rainbow Railroad

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